NEWSFLASH: 2-11-14


1) Missed out on Flappy Bird? Try Flappy Plane or Flappy Bee
2) COMING SOON: new Doritos Loaded! (a strange, mozzarella stickish, triangular, cheese thingy filled with a dash of awesome)
3) the Bitcoin is crashing like a fallen downhill skier
4) Costas now has two pink eyes
5) Today in Weird Beer Flavors: try beer flavored jelly beans and/or beer flavored ice cream.

Please don’t go for a sundae drive afterwards. (pun)

NEWSFLASH: 2-10-14


1) Flappy Bird’s creator pulled it from all app stores
-You should be outraged
2) Katy Perry changed the lyrics of a Beatles Song
-You should be outraged
3) You can now drink “Dumb Starbucks Coffee” for free
-it’s art, seriously
4) Translators find Snowboarder’s “bro speak” hard to translate
-“stoked” is apparently not in the Russian vocabulary

How To Have An Awesome Life Even When Life’s Not So Awesome


Sometimes life isn’t all that awesome.

I was reminded of this awful truth when I woke up to a house without power this morning in 4 degree temperatures. Oh, and my pipes were frozen, so no heat, no water, and no power.

Normally this would send me into total-Darren-freak-out-panic mode. My wife says I’m a bit of a pessimist when it comes to these types of situations, or any situation for that matter.

My brain tends to see everything that’s not there. I like to see what’s coming, so I analyze every possible scenario before any of them actually play out. I’m always looking past what I see and trying to see what I can’t see.

Wow, just writing that makes me realize why my wife gets so annoyed with this trait. Continue Reading →