NEWSFLASH: 1-30-14

NEWSFLASH: 1/30/14

1) It was 4 degrees in southern TN this morning (ie, at my house)
2) My power went out
3) My pipes froze
4) My heater is barely functioning

All the real headlines from today were more boring than my own. I should say thank you to our local Starbucks who unknowingly served as my family’s Master Bath at 7am this morning.

NEWSFLASH: 1-28-14

NEWSFLASH: 1/28/14

1) A new keychain detects dirty diapers
2) Girl Scout cookies release gluten free option
3) Dukes of Hazzard turns 35 today
4) “Lucky horse named Moonshine rescued from deep, icy hole”

I have thoughts on all the above:
1) What happens when I lose my keys?
2) But I like gluten…
3) Ugh
4) Too many ironies in this headline to point them all out

NEWSFLASH: 1-24-14

NEWSFLASH: 1/24/14

1) If you wanna lose weight, just lower your thermostat
2) New Oreos–Marshmallow Crispy and Cookie Dough (I guess they just don’t cook them)
3) Study proves walking and texting is dangerous
4) Mork and Mindy reunite on “Crazy Ones”
5) Grey’s Anatomy stars sign two-year extension (Did anyone even know it was still on?)