10 Rules For Reading

Ten Rules to keep in mind while reading:

1. If I say anything mean, I mean the exact opposite. (i.e., if I say “I don’t like so and so” it actually means “so and so is my favorite person ever!”)

2. When in doubt, assume sarcasm. (When I tell you how awesome I am, that’s sarcasm. Unless you agree with me, because that makes it truth.)

3. If you don’t like it, I didn’t write it.

4. If you do like it, tell all your friends I wrote it.

5. If you laugh while reading a post, share it.

6. If you think about laughing, but the laugh gets stuck somewhere between your brain and your laugh-out-loud mechanism, share it anyway.

7. If you cry while reading a post, share it.

8. If you think about crying, but you are cried out from reading some of my other emotionally riveting posts which have caused your tears to dry up like the Sahara Desert, share it anyway.

9. If you hate a post or disagree with anything I say, discontinue reading immediately, repent of your wicked ways, and then read it again. (And please see rule #2.)

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