Words Fail, But Prayer Does Not

I’m an editor, a preacher, a teacher, a speaker, and a writer. I make my living by crafting words. I am called by God to fashion words. So it is a rare moment that words fail me. But over the past week, words have undoubtedly failed me, because in this moment, they simply are not enough.

One week ago today my son was rushed by ambulance to the local ER where he was put on a breathing machine immediately. Continue Reading →

A “Little” Perspective Changes Everything

Alli, his six-year-old-daughter, looked up at him with her big brown eyes and asked, “Daddy, is it fun being a grown-up?”

That was a difficult question for him to answer. He’d had a tough week. A tough month, in fact. The stresses of the world and of “adult life” had been weighing on him and his wife. In fact, his wife had recently made the statement, “Adult life annoys me.” Continue Reading →