What Is Discipleship?

What does that say? It’s pronounced “di-shipe-uhl-shmip.” I REALLY wanted to make that the name of this entire blog site, but everyone I pitched it to shot me down. I need more humorous friends. They just don’t get it. (If you’re my friend and you’re reading this, I’m NOT talking about you, just everybody else. You have a great sense of humor. I like you. We hate them.)

I think we have a discipleship problem in America, so I’ve decided to dub what we do “dischpleshmip.” At some points we’re close to true discipleship, and at other points, we’re a million miles away.

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Predictably Unpredictable

We all know someone who’s always unpredictable, but technically, doesn’t that make them predictable? Or at least predictably unpredictable.

My Dad was always unpredictable, but a few incidents rise above the rest. We had spent one morning enjoying the outdoors, and around ten or eleven in the morning we packed up the truck and headed home, or so I thought. He decided to take a few scenic tours Continue Reading →