Dear 68-Year-Old Me

Dear 68-year-old me,

Last week I wrote a letter to 19-year-old us. If you haven’t read it yet, you should (click here). I was reminded of how cocky and obnoxious we were. How did anybody like us at that age? I guess lots of 19-year-olds are that way. Thankfully we are much wiser and more mature now, am I right? I wanted young, obnoxious us to know how much he should appreciate his youth, and how quickly life passes us by. I’m nearing the age of 34, and you are double that, so I thought I might reach out to you, as well, in letter form. I had a lot of questions for 19-year-old us, and I have a lot of questions for 68 year-old-me, too. So, here goes:

How’re the kids doing? Are they still serving Christ? What are their spouses like? I sure hope they found good ones. I pray every day that they’d find godly, Christ-like spouses who will serve God above all. How about grandkids? I haven’t thought much about them yet, but I should start adding them to the list. I bet they are the apple of our eye. I can only imagine. Which reminds me, did Alli’s little scar by her eye ever disappear? You know, the one she cut when she fell while twirling like a little dancer in 2011? Does she ever still twirl? Do we still call Abby and Alli our “little princesses”? I sure hope so. What did Jake turn out to be in manhood? I sure am proud of the little man he’s becoming. I can only imagine what he’ll be like so many years from now. It’s such a big responsibility to raise children. I hope we did alright.

How’s Kristi? She beat us to 34, but I envy her because she seems to only get more beautiful with time. As you are fully aware, Father Time has been much harsher to us. Every time I see her, I notice how much prettier she becomes. I can only imagine how breathtaking she must be by now. And I hope we still appreciate her as much as ever. She deserves every single accolade she gets and then some. Be sure to give her a big kiss for me tonight and remind her how much we love her.

How has life in general turned out for us? Did we retire yet? I’m sitting at the precipice of change currently. Kristi just started a new job and I was just signed to a book deal by Charisma House. People seem to think it has the potential to change the course of life for us. Did it? I’m awfully happy with where God has us right now, and can’t say I’m really thrilled with the idea of change (ever). I love what I do. I love where we live. I love the people I work with. But we’ve learned to never say never (and NOT from the Beebs—although, that’s another question. What IS Justin Beiber up to these days?).  How’s Mom and Fred? Or when did she…. Hold on, can’t quite go there. How’re my brothers and the in-laws? So many questions…

Did we ever send that letter of apology I’ve been meaning to send for several years now? You know the one. And there are a few more phone calls I’ve been meaning to make. Did we ever make them?

There, I’ve said my piece. As much as I’d like to hear your response, I have a feeling I won’t hear anything from you, on account of that whole time-travel-grandfather-paradox-thing we learned about from watching LOST. Which, by the way, did we ever get over the disappointment of that finale?

Guess I’ll be seeing ya (in about 34 years).

Godspeed, friend. Godspeed.


Nearly 34-year-old you

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  1. I have it on good authority that 68 yr old you is senile, and consequently, is now a Russian photographer, specializing in photos of peeled oranges glued to windows and almost always out of focus

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