How to Make Your Idea a Reality

How do we get a concept to become a creation? How do you make your idea a reality? It’s really quite simple. Let me explain.

I’ve been blessed to have people around me who make me look way better than I truly am. I recently hired an Assistant Editor. She is helping me keep up with the little things that so often fall through the cracks. But having such a help has simply highlighted all the things I am absolutely horrible at. Today she listened to the (undisclosed number) of messages that had backed up on my voicemail. I cannot tell you how long it had been since I listened to them, but even the IRS would have complained about the wait time on a return call.

My team and I edit and/or create 11 different age-levels of curriculum every quarter. It’s a job I could NEVER do alone. Yet, many of the names of those who help never make it into the curriculum, so us editors receive a lot more credit than we are due. I am thankful to those who make me look so good with a quality end product.

I’m writing about this because I was reminded of how good a team I am surrounded with when I sent a concept to our graphics department this week.

What you are about to see and read is 100% true.

Here is what Perry, a brilliant graphics man, sent to me as a near-final cover:

Perry’s Creation

Here is the idea I jotted down and sent to graphics:

my AH-MAH-ZING illustrative skills

Thankfully I work with letters and not images.

The moral of the story: to move from concept to creation, surround yourself with a good team.

If you’d like to see more of my ah-mah-zing drawing skills, read this:
Theology By Nightlight
I promise it will live up to the high standards of artistic ability seen here.

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