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Dear God We Need To Talk - 3D Gray-small“I appreciate struggle and doubt–I think they’re essential to thoughtful faith. So, I was encouraged by Darren Schalk’s honesty and transparency. His doubts, and ultimate faith in God’s grace and goodness, will be an encouragement to you on your spiritual journey.”
-Ed Stetzer,

“This is the best book ever written in the history of mankind, second only to the Bible. You should immediately buy ten and give it to all your friends.”

—Karin Schalk Watson, Darren’s Mom

I’ve recently been signed as an author with Passio, an imprint from Charisma House publishers. My book will be released March 4th. You can already pre-order it here on Amazon as well as several other major book retailers, including Barnes & Noble.


Do you ever really think about God and your faith? Darren Schalk was raised in a pastor’s home. He heard all the teaching, all the Sunday morning Bible stories, and could recite more verses than he cared to count. But, as he grew, he actually started to think about what he’d been taught, and it raised a few questions. In Dear God, We Need To Talk, Darren grapples with some of these questions in a poignant, but lighthearted, manner. We are in the midst of a changing church, one that seems to be reevaluating nearly every belief it’s been taught for the past 100 years. This book is a step in that same direction, hopefully tapping into the thoughts of everyone who’s had anything to do with the church or Christianity over the past 50 years, as Darren considers what he’s been taught about God, applies it to personal narrative readers will relate to, and then filters it all through a modern, but biblical, worldview in an honest, witty, and delightfully sarcastic way. In the end, the reader will come away feeling entertained, but also enlightened, understanding that it’s okay to interact with our faith, and our God, in a rational and thoughtful manner, and to think critically about church. We can no longer afford to be passive observers of all things Christian.


“This book has a tongue-in-cheek style used to take on and tackle some of the more nagging questions we face as people wrestling with life and faith. In its down-to-earth manner this piece makes some pretty sobering questions relevant and even humorous to us all. Darren Schalk walks us toward greater faith and stronger witness using his irreligious style. Obviously this book can be used for the not-so-religious, to draw them into real conversations about life’s hard questions. But the learned believer will also find in these pages a new way to look at life and faith that can help us all communicate with a world that often no longer speaks our language. Enjoy!”

—R. E. Howard, General Overseer, Church of God of Prophecy

“I believe God welcomes our questions and our doubts. As with His disciple Thomas, he does not turn away from us, but rather He uses those moments to come closer. If you’ve ever questioned God, and you’re honest enough to admit it, read these pages and find Him closing in on you.”

—Warren Barfield, singer/songwriter/speaker, Dove nominated recording artist

“Today I read Darren’s book. It made me laugh; it made me cry. It lightened a load I have been carrying. I will be buying copies for all of my staff and many of my friends. I think everyone needs to laugh, cry, and have their burdens lifted, even if it is for just a short period of time.”

–Paul W. Smith, Managing Editor, Radiant Life Curriculum, The Assemblies of God National Leadership and Resource Center

“So many believers find themselves second-guessing God’s motives, but few of them do so with the wit and perspective of my friend Darren Schalk. In Dear God, We Need To Talk, Darren approaches the big questions of faith while maintaining a respectful tone, a grateful heart and a somewhat misguided desire to do standup comedy. God love him.”

—DeWayne Hamby, Managing Editor, The White Wing Messenger, Freelance Writer, Charisma, New Man, Christian Retailing

“Darren Schalk asks the question I have asked too many times, “Why can’t God do things my way?” If we are honest, we all want our way, but Schalk definitely shows why God’s way is better. The reader will feel this work is conversational and written in today’s language with true emotions felt by the masses. It’s refreshing to see a work that is biblically based, inspirational, and yet humorous. “Dear God, We Need To Talk” is that work.”

—Richie Hughes, former Executive Pastor with Jentezen Franklin at Free Chapel, Author of Start Here, Go Anywhere

“Once while Darren and I were golfing, I stumbled upon an alligator in a pond while trying to retrieve my ball . As I edged away from the gator, Darren headed toward it with his three wood. So I actually believe him when he writes about sledding under barbwire, capturing a giant (plywood) moose, and gallantly going to a devilish tree farm. And I am glad that the Darren I know from our work together on a Bible curriculum team—probing, questioning, being authentic—shines through in this thought-generating book.”

–Lance Colkmire, Managing Editor of Church of God Publications (Cleveland, TN); local Royal Family Kids Camp director

“We find it amazing that often what we dislike about someone turns around and becomes what is most endearing about them to us… This book helps showcase that in the best light.”

—Jeremi and Amy Richardson, members of the CCM group, Avalon

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  1. It’s really cool that Warren Barfield reviewed your book. But how did you manage to get THE Karin Schalk to chime in? That’s seriously legit cred, brother.

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