MY BOOK LIVES! New Title, New Release Date (and my favorite stuffed animal) Revealed!


MY BOOK LIVES! (And my teddy bear has a head again.)

Ladies and gentleman, many moons ago I wrote a gut-wrenching, tear-stained post about the death of my highly anticipated (by my Mom and 14 others) book. If you didn’t see it, you can read it here. I wrote about how my favorite teddy bear’s head had been ripped off. (Assuming I actually had a favorite teddy bear, which if I did, I’d never admit. At least, not until the very end of this post.)

In a nutshell, the book was scheduled to be released October 1st and just a few weeks prior, the date was pushed back and the title was changed effectively removing my (fictitious?) bear’s head from his body.

Bear Suicide

But now, the new release date is nearing and WE HAVE A BRAND NEW OFFICIAL BOOK TITLE!!!

My dead book has found new life, it walks the streets yet again, and from hereon and forevermore shall be known as…

Wait for it…

Patience Daniel-son…

Drum roll please…


wrestling with God on questions of life and faith”

Bass drums bang, cymbals crash, crowds roar, rivers rush, babies cry, deer bleat (is that what deer do?) and all other manner of climactic noises!


And here’s the updated cover:

 Dear God We Need To Talk - 3D Gray

So, my teddy bear once again has a head and all is well with the world.

I’ve heard that many of you were highly disappointed that my book’s release was pushed back because it ruined your Christmas present list. But I would encourage all of you to simply celebrate Christmas approximately 3 months later. This way, you can all still buy my book as a “Christmas” present, and no one will be disappointed. (And I might suggest pre-ordering the book today by clicking here, because “Christmas in March” will be here before you know it.)

In conclusion, here’s what you should remember:

1)       1) “Dear God, We Need to Talk”

2)      2) Release Date: MARCH 4th

3)      3) Celebrate Christmas 3 months late this year (or 9 months early next year)

4)      4) My teddy bear has a head (if I had one)

And now for the biggest reveal of the post–my favorite stuffed animal:

This is my pet platypus, my favorite stuffed animal who still has a head.
This is my pet platypus who thankfully still has a head.

Merry Christmas-in-March to all, and to all a good night.

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