An Ode To A “Friend”

Kristi and I have a friend, and for the sake of privacy, we will call her Alicia Rose Klepper (post-marriage) or Alicia Rose Elliot (pre-marriage). She is constantly doing things for others and never seeks credit, so I thought I’d take a moment and honor her with a post. She took the picture of us on TV during Wheel of Fortune. She also kept our kids while we went to the auditions for Wheel of Fortune. She is a ridiculously great mother and wife and daycare director. She cooks the best food on the planet. She can run like the wind. She recently ran an entire marathon (26.2 miles) in under ten minutes. She is always there when we need a favor, or a friend, or a shoulder to cry on, and she never expects anything in return. She is the most humble person we know, and she NEVER seeks recognition for her kind deeds. I hope you can all have an “Alicia” in your lives someday. She is the best. And the most humble. And the most caring. Did I mention she never seeks recognition for any of her kind deeds? Its the shining jewel in her crown of humility. We love “Alicia Rose Klepper.” You should too.

Will you please let me out of the basement now, Ms. “Alicia”?

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