If you’ve ever felt sorrow, grief, or pain, you should read this.

When my youngest brother Davey was about four, my Dad took him fishing for the first time. What transpired next would change our lives forever and, if you keep reading, it might just change yours, too. Continue Reading →

When Faith Gets Messy

Some think I’m slightly insane. After reading the following, you may agree, and I’m perfectly okay with that.

Yesterday we spent some time with our nearest and dearest friends, Nate and Dawniel. They just lost their brother-in-law, a local police officer named Justin, while he was on duty. The entire town has quickly rallied to support his widow, Danielle, and their three young sons, all under age 6. We sat with our closest friends, and we talked, and we shared, and we cried. It was gut wrenching. Continue Reading →