SWAG…who’s got it?

Here’s an article I wrote for a recent publication. It’s written for them young whippersnappers, but you old(er) folks might also appreciate it…

Today I had to google the word swag to make sure I was using it properly. Thankfully I was, but from the stuff I read, it didn’t seem like it was possible to misuse it. Like this article, for instance—it’s pretty swag, right? (Okay, maybe you can misuse it.) Continue Reading →

Spiritual Mentors vs. Spiritual Mothers

I have a spiritual mother, and she punches me, a lot, and really, really hard.

I’ve heard a lot lately about spiritual mentors. Certainly it is gaining ground as a staple of true, intentional discipleship. And while I see this as an invaluable tool, I think there is one more opportunity that’s perhaps even more effective than spiritual mentors Continue Reading →