The meaning of life FOUND!

I actually just googled “google.” I was afraid to hit enter for fear that the Internet might implode. Thankfully, I lived to tell the tale. But it got me thinking about the meaning of life, the reason for which I’m sure is 0bvious to both of us (you and me, that is)…

What do you consider to be the best source of wisdom for your life? To that question, we can easily give the goody-two-shoe-Christian answer. Any Christian, and probably even some non-Christians, would say the Bible. But how many of us actually turn to God’s Word when we need help or advice? So, maybe that’s not the best question.

Here’s a better one: “Whose advice do you most often seek?” Now there’s a tougher question. I bet (wait, can’t make bets, that’s gambling) I BELIEVE (that’s better–all about faith) we more often turn to friends, books, or even worse—the Internet. Yikes

Whenever I have a question about duckbilled platypuses (which is surprisingly often), Grandma’s goiter, the dog’s behavior, my purpose in life, or Google itself (yes, in that order), I most often head straight to Google, or even Yahoo. Would you ever buy an encyclopedia entitled “Yahoo”? Of course not, because such a purchase would actually make you a yahoo (every time I type the word I’m literally saying out loud: “YAHOOOOOOO hoo”). Yet we head to Yahoo (hoo)  for every answer, or Google, a meaningful but fun word. I think I should have titled my blog site “zigbonzorpfodder”, because it seems the fun titles do best in the long run. The next time you search for Discipleship Ink, don’t be surprised if it directs you to, where you will be able to find the true meaning of life in less than 500 words. (I just checked and, to my sheer amazement, shockingly, that .com site name IS STILL AVAILABLE! SCORE!)

But before we Google the question: “How can I make up with my friend after a fight?” maybe we should do a word search in our Bible App for “reconciliation.” We might find a few more trustworthy and reliable answers that way. Or before we ask the Yahoo “how do I trust the family member who betrayed me” perhaps we should read a few verses about forgiveness.

What’s your best source of wisdom? The TRUE answer to the question is found in where you go for answers.

But, the next time you ponder the meaning of life, be sure to head over to (after you check your Bible, of course).

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  1. I find that most problems can be solved by varying combinations of salad forks, rogaine, and particle acceleration

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