The Dangers of Knowledge

I am an editor of Sunday school curriculum by day (superhero by night, aka, Captain Platypus), so I work on lessons pretty much daily. Today I worked on a lesson about technology. I looked at a lesson that was written about the same topic in 2005. I was shocked to see the difference. Much of the old lesson was unusable. It opened my eyes to the speed of technological change we are experiencing.

  • The old lesson barely referenced cell phones. They were an afterthought
  • Radio was repeatedly mentioned.
  • Obviously no tablets were referenced.
  • It touted flat-screen televisions as a new thing.
  • There was not one single use of the phrase “social media”.
  • The only reference to online communication was through email, IM, and chat capabilities.
  • Texting was never mentioned. Continue Reading →

The meaning of life FOUND!

I actually just googled “google.” I was afraid to hit enter for fear that the Internet might implode. Thankfully, I lived to tell the tale. But it got me thinking about the meaning of life, the reason for which I’m sure is 0bvious to both of us (you and me, that is)… Continue Reading →