The Dangers of Knowledge

I am an editor of Sunday school curriculum by day (superhero by night, aka, Captain Platypus), so I work on lessons pretty much daily. Today I worked on a lesson about technology. I looked at a lesson that was written about the same topic in 2005. I was shocked to see the difference. Much of the old lesson was unusable. It opened my eyes to the speed of technological change we are experiencing.

  • The old lesson barely referenced cell phones. They were an afterthought
  • Radio was repeatedly mentioned.
  • Obviously no tablets were referenced.
  • It touted flat-screen televisions as a new thing.
  • There was not one single use of the phrase “social media”.
  • The only reference to online communication was through email, IM, and chat capabilities.
  • Texting was never mentioned. Continue Reading →

I Must Confess


I must confess, it scares me. I shutter at the mere mention. Just like these guys. That’s one aspect of faith I don’t much care to engage. Although, true discipleship would seem to demand it.

The word conjures up images of dark booths and white collars. It’s a concept that many have somehow missed or simply ignored altogether. But why are we so afraid of it? Isn’t it biblical? Continue Reading →