I Must Confess


I must confess, it scares me. I shutter at the mere mention. Just like these guys. That’s one aspect of faith I don’t much care to engage. Although, true discipleship would seem to demand it.

The word conjures up images of dark booths and white collars. It’s a concept that many have somehow missed or simply ignored altogether. But why are we so afraid of it? Isn’t it biblical?

We are great at testifying. We can tell all about how God has ALREADY delivered us from our shortcomings and failures once we have overcome them. But what about those who find themselves in the midst of failure? Why can’t we freely confess our current struggles? Are we scared of what others might think? Scared of the judgmental few who will believe us to have lost our salvation?

Here’s the thing: sin thrives in darkness. When we fail to confess our sin, it grows. It overtakes. And it kills. Confession is a biblical New Testament mandate. If we confess, we find forgiveness. If you’re struggling with something even now, find a loving Christian friend, and confess your failure before it overtakes your life. And if someone comes to you and confesses, be a help, not a hindrance. Help them overcome their temptations. Help them find freedom. Help them find holiness.

In fact, consider the comment section our own personal confessional. So, go ahead, spill your guts. I promise, I won’t say a word.

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