For Love of the Game

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My seven-year-old son, Jake, has discovered video games. He regularly asks me to play with him, but I find myself sometimes refusing his request. Why? Because he plays without purpose. When I play, I want to achieve something. I want to win the race or complete the level. Jake has no such desire. He runs willy nilly through each level, jumping off cliffs as he yells “WEEEEEEEE” and fighting his own shadow, completely ignoring all game objectives.

This can sometimes be aggravating to me. I play to beat the game; he plays simply because he loves the game.

This observation has caused me to think about how I live. Every day I get up and I have things to achieve, objectives to complete, and a race to run, both physically and spiritually. But in my constant need to achieve, do I ever take time to live simply because I love this life God has granted to me? Truly it is an abundant life. I guess sometimes I should slow down just a little bit, forget about all the objectives and tasks that are before me, and live in the same way Jake plays the game: because I love it.

I guess the next time Jake asks, I’ll be yelling “WEEEEE” right next to him as we fall off the cliff together. Why don’t you join us?

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2 Replies to “For Love of the Game”

  1. I love this post. I do the exact same thing with my daughter when we play Super Mario. I find myself yelling at her not to run off and leave me as I try and get as many coins and treasures i can find. What happened friend that we can’t just enjoy the time instead of controlling the time. UGH! Thank you so much for these words as they bring me down to where Christ says that if we would only come as a child, innocent and open to love. then can we understand life in him. GOOD STUFF BRO!

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