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Increase Your IQ!

This blog will help you achieve your wildest dreams. As you read, you will lose 15-20 lbs, gain 10 IQ points, and if you stare at the words long enough, you’ll be able to change the channel on your TV with just your mind. But, if you still need more reason to follow, continue reading.

Do you ever THINK about God? Do you ever THINK about what you’re being force-fed through your television, computer screen, tablet, smart phone, etc.? Do you ever process what comes out of the televangelists’ mouths, or even your pastor’s mouth?

Unfortunately, many believe simply what they hear. We are passive listeners and watchers. The media trains us to take everything in without considering the message behind what we hear and view. This mode of thinking has trickled into our practice of Christianity. There are hundreds of beliefs about God and Jesus out there. And it is my fear that many pick their church based on which one has the best programs to offer, and then merely adopt whatever doctrine is being taught. This type of Christianity produces anemic disciples of Christ, at best. It is my hope that this blog encourages you to begin actively engaging your faith, and God, on a personal level, rather than just accepting whatever is thrown at you.

I have felt called to a specific mission: “To give Christians new and fresh insight into God’s Word.” It is my hope that this blog does exactly that, and that it encourages people to THINK ABOUT and INTERACT WITH their faith and their God. ENGAGE YOUR FAITH. I trust it will deepen your faith and enable you to grow as a disciple of Christ.

If it does that, then I will yell in my best Sacha Cohen accent “GREAT SUCCESS!” If it doesn’t do that, then I will crumple into a corner and cry. Either way, you’ll have fun watching me. So, what do you have to lose? And so I leave you with a quote from some of the greatest characters in cartoon history, the Animaniacs: “froylaven.”

Happy Engagement.

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