Pondering the Great Commission and Renaming Hymns (in the tub)

I’ve grown up in and around the church. I’ve heard countless sermons. I’ve been spanked in the middle of Dad’s message. I’ve heard the snap of fingers from behind the piano as Mom played that caused me to stop dead in my mischievous tracks. I sang Father Abraham, This Little Light of Mine, Jesus Loves Me, and The B-I-B-L-E. I’ve heard every Bible story a thousand times. I’ve added the phrase “in the tub” to the end of every possible hymn title (“Leaning on the Everlasting Arms…in the tub.” I’ve also heard of alternative endings, such as “on the pot,” but that one scares me. I suppose any bathroom reference will do. Wait, no, strike that last remark). But through all this there was one thing I rarely, if ever, heard—the complete meaning of the Great Commission. Continue Reading →

Dear God, What’s Your Favorite Cookie? a lesson in gossip and prayer

My kids know how to address only one parent: Mommy.

Mommy is always the first one called for anything and everything. Even when I’m the only one home, they still always yell, MOMMMMMYYYYYYY!” I should admit, I don’t ever correct them. (Dear Jesus, if you’ve ever answered a prayer, please answer this one: can you hide that last sentence from my wife when she reads this? Thank you in advance. Your bestest friend, Darren.) Continue Reading →

Engage Your Faith

Increase Your IQ!

This blog will help you achieve your wildest dreams. As you read, you will lose 15-20 lbs, gain 10 IQ points, and if you stare at the words long enough, you’ll be able to change the channel on your TV with just your mind. But, if you still need more reason to follow, Continue Reading →